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moxie websiteMOXIE Home Consign and Design specializes in new and gently used fine furnishing and home décor. We provide unique solutions to your home décor needs in an enjoyable, affordable, fun and ever-changing place. Our motto is, “Be daring, be different, be impracticable. Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision.”

MOXIE strongly believes in giving back. Michelle and Steven Caragol moved to Steamboat Springs in 2000 and have embraced the community ever since. Their passion lies with the development of our youth. Below are some of the charities MOXIE supports:

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • North Routt Charter Schools
  • Discovery Learning Center
  • Steamboat Springs High School Band and Drama Troupe
  • Colorado Gives
  • Northwest Rocky Mountain Court Appointed Special Advocates  NWRM CASA

Michelle and Steven Caragol / Owners

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Michelle is a person with a unique resolve and courage about life. In other words, she’s got MOXIE. She had a bold dream about having a business that was creative and fun and affordable. A business that would help others. Steven came along for the ride, and has never looked back.

Jennifer / Manager

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Jennifer recently came to us from Pennsylvania after falling in love with the area several years ago.  She has worked in management and sales for much of her life and was elated when offered to come and put her skills to the test here at Moxie.  I have always said that “when you love your job and the people that you work with it never really feels like work!” that is what Moxie is for me.  When not at Moxie Jen enjoys everything that Colorado has to offer from snowboarding, hiking, fishing, to spending time with family at Wilderness Ranch.  You can also find her exploring with her two teenage children and her English Mastiff Lily.   “I strive for our customers to have a great shopping experience here at Moxie and welcome any and all customer feedback!”

Sarah / Office

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Since relocating from New England in 2012 Sarah has been perusing her passion for stained glass when she is not at Moxie.  Sarah has been creating one-of-a-kind stained glass since 1988. You will most likely run into her at the Farmer’s Market selling her art, and at times you may see pieces for sale at Moxie.  When she isn’t working on her glass or at Moxie you can find her hiking in the back country with her Irish Wolfhound Ana.  Please be kind to Sarah when you see her, she writes your consignment checks.

Paula / Sales

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Paula Pepper Salky is thrilled to show her moves on the Moxie floor. An avid lover of the arts, she honed her sales skills watching her dad sell everything in his furniture and appliance store in Memphis, Tennessee. She moved to Steamboat 11 years ago and has worked in retail selling jewelry, music, clothing and fun. Now she’s come back to her furniture roots selling our fantastic inventory of home furnishings while helping your create a beautiful home.

Paula loves the beauty of Steamboat and is super involved in the arts scene in Steamboat. She has two daughters pursuing a nursing career and a wonderful husband, Randy, who practices law in Steamboat Springs. When she isn’t working she is walking her two chihuahuas, listening to the latest Broadway show, making travel plans to scuba dive or eating one of her husbands delicious ethnic delights.

Nikki / Sales






Attracted to the spunk, brains, and vision of owner Michelle Caragol; Nikki joined the Moxie team in the spring of 2013.

She says, “The things we carry around throughout our lives become a part of us. They hold our essence and carry forward our vibrations, even after we pass them on. If what we surround ourselves with is what we become, then it is crucial we supply our personal environments with things that foster only the most positive feelings. Energy likes to move and the way in which we direct and align that energy is paramount.” A favorite part of her work is getting to perform that magic every time she comes on the job, though she states Moxie has never really had that “job” feeling.

Fast forward 2017: She’s blessed with a thriving one and a half year old and continues pursuing degrees to advance a career in the medical field. She also enjoys putting her hands in the dirt, creating art, and living a life of intention.

Peggy / Sales

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Peggy recently got married and relocated to Steamboat  from Fort Collins.  She  worked  for the  Fort Collins Recreation Department for 38 years while raising her kids and farming.  On her first visit to Steamboat her (now) husband took her to Moxie.  She was hooked.   Peggy  spent so much time shopping at Moxie that she asked for a job.  She has been there since   mid-November and is still hooked on the place.

Jason / Delivery & Pick Up

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Jason is strong, real strong, that is why he is part of our delivery & pick up team here at Moxie.  Jason is one of the few true Steamboat natives and can promise that he will never get lost bringing you your furniture.  He can maneuver the truck and trailer better than anyone and can assure that he will back it right up to your doorstep.   Jason has a heart of gold and when not at Moxie he can be found exploring Colorado for precious gems with his two grown sons.  He can also be found enjoying the outdoors hunting, fishing, canoeing/kayaking and riding dirt bikes.  Currently Jason is in a contest to see how long he can grow his beard awaiting his audition with ZZ Top!

Jacob / Delivery & Pick Up

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Jacob stands 6’5” tall which allows him the ability to reach and hang anything in the store, where you will find him several days a week helping customers here on the Moxie floor.   He is strong and is always available to help customers out with their great purchases and works on the delivery team to make sure things arrive on time and are placed where they need to go.  Jacob has lived in several states but says that Colorado is his favorite and he especially enjoys Steamboat. He loves to ski/snowboard and hike and enjoys BBQ food.   Last but not least – Jacob is the Moxie “Tech Support” and is always willing to help when something doesn’t work just right.

Dori / Staging

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From the sets of Hollywood to the mountains of Colorado Dori Weiss brings a unique perspective to staging. As an Emmy nominated Producer and former Studio Executive for Paramount, Warner Bros. MGM and Imagine Dori understands that the potential buyer is going to react emotionally to your property the moment they open the door – and that reaction will be visual and visceral.

The staging design concept is additionally grounded by the understanding that once staged your property will be photographed and introduced to clients online. Dori’s film background adds tremendously to making sure what is seen in those photos will be captivating.

At Moxie we have an impressive record proving that staging leads to quick sales.


Thank you to each and every one of you for making MOXIE what it is, a fun, exciting, ever-changing place to make your house your dream home. Who needs luck when you have MOXIE!




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