New Product Line – Why Waste Wood?

| Home Design, New Arrivals, Steamboat News | August 12, 2013

Why Waste Wood? Great Question!
Moxie asked itself the same quandary when it found the “Why Waste Wood” furniture line at the 2013 furniture expo in Las Vegas.

These unique pieces are made in Java, Indonesia with 100% recycled wood from old structures, boats, trucks and naturally fallen trees.

According to the company: “WWW? is born out of a basic thought that leaving unproductive waste wood to decompose (at landfill sites) will release the same amount of carbon as they do in disposal burning chambers.”

Each piece of furniture has its own character with purposefully distressed paint and imperfections from its previous life. Once assembled, the furniture is coated in a non-toxic clear stain shellac to keep the wood’s rustic look and finish.

So to answer the question; Why would you waste wood? You wouldn’t!!

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